Let’s all be really mad and scared in 2016

When I’m angry I can’t think straight.  I’m like most people – I feel cheated, like everything’s out of control.  What consumes my mind is the person that wronged me and how I might get even. But life goes on and I have to make everyday decisions, sometimes really big ones.  One of the most difficult things to do is to make good decisions when I’m angry. I’m really stupid when I’m mad. We all tend to be.

There are a lot of angry people in the U.S.  A big chunk of our population is angry because marriage, by law, has been redefined.  Another chunk is mad at the people who are mad about marriage being redefined.  Some are upset because we’re not letting refugees into our country, others are angry at the people who think we should.  Racism is still a big deal, and it seems that more people are seeking to arm themselves than ever before.

We’re also scared (fear and anger usually operate in tandem).  Not only are we threatened by each other, there’s this large group of people that want nothing more than the destruction of our country.  They’re not very well organized, at least not as organized as, say, the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, but they’re passionate and some of them live here in the U.S.

Right or wrong, We are a country full of angry, frightened people.

We also have a big decision to make in the coming year regarding our next president.  I won’t offer any opinions about Donald Trump or his ability to lead us, but I will say the main reason he has a voice is because he’s playing into the fear and anger that is so thoroughly shagging our country.

I watch alot of WWII documentaries – it fascinates me how a guy like Hitler could come to power.  Turns out that the allied nations of WWI required Germany to “pay” for all the damages caused in the war.  This left Germany in a horrible economic state – poverty, unemployment, anger, fear.  Hitler came in with an amazing knack for politics and used the dark emotions of the day as his primary platform.  It worked.  The Germans had their hero vindicator and were ready for war.  One of the worst terrorists the world has ever seen came to power, and everyone cheered.

When leaders choose to exploit fear and anger, fear and anger become the leaders, and the places they lead us to are never good.

None of our candidates are addressing the fact that we’re pissed, that these emotions are volatile and if left unchecked will destroy so much of what we value as a country.  What’s far worse is that so many of our presidential hopefuls are using fear and anger as a huge part of their platform.  Even the Evangelical candidates, who are supposed to have peace and love at their life’s core, are exploiting the very things that are tearing us apart.  It’s a sickening irony.  Some Muslims read the Koran and see peace.  Others read it and see war.  It’s the same with Evangelicals and their Bibles.

But, in their defense, if you want to get elected, you have to embrace the strongest emotions of the largest constituency. So get ready for a very fine parade of anger, fear, and stupidity in 2016.




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  1. Agreed. Since the age of time, invoking and exploiting fear in a population has been the surest way for leaders to get their way and pursue their agenda. I remember watching the “Terror Alert Level” displayed on media post 9/11 – it served no purpose but to illicit a general fear that helped justify trillion dollar military actions and legal changes that surrendered basic individual freedoms. This tactic deceivingly plays on our core basic survival instincts. I don’t know what the solution is to today’s problems, but I’m pretty sure that reason, tolerance and education plays a big part. It’s sickening to see would-be leaders promoting hate and fear.

  2. Ah, my writer friend, you have hit the nail on the head. The culprits to all that is tragic…anger and fear. It is our inability to remember that there is room for everyone and every belief that is our downfall. When we forget that we come from One, and when we believe that we hold an entitled path back to One, a path that excludes those who think or feel differently than we do, we are terribly wrong. In holding this belief, we create our own self destruction by destroying each other out of anger and fear. The circle of anger and fear is then complete…and the devastation of a piece of our humanity is inevitable.

    1. “it is our inability to remember that there is room for everyone and every belief that is our downfall”.
      I disagree. This is a platitude and nonsensical. Its huggy and warmy, but not objective whatsoever.
      Example: “I have some great apple juice!
      Except that someone pee’d a little bit into the jug. But it was only a little bit…I’m pretty certain it’s still awesome…”
      Uh, no. There’s is no room for the jerk that pee’d into the jug of apple juicer. I wouldn’t drink it. Neither would you.

  3. True enough, every nation needs an idea to rally around. Without one, there would be no nation. This year’s idea is fear,, well it has been that for some time now. But until there’s no new counter-narrative, fear will remain paramount.

          1. Yup. True tattoo story: This woman was walking in front of my car and her calves looked all blue and bruised. And I said, “Oh man she must into Tae Kwon Do, or something…”
            And my kid chirped up and said, “Their tats, Dad!”

  4. Wonderful sharp analysis.
    May I just add two quick points?
    In Germany, most people did not join the party, they were joined,

    ie if you were a boy scout, 4H equivalent, fly fishing club member, old- timer car club member, you were suddenly a Nazi fly fisher, boy scout, etc with your own party book. You did nothing, you received a notification.

    and secondly, if you were Jewish, you talked to each other, and to family in America, but not to non-Jewish Germans, since you didn’t know who to trust ie who was party by choice, and who was afraid to say no.

    This is an excuse for no one, it is a reminder of additional factors, and how they helped support the forming of the worst goverrnent Germany has ever had

    Wishing everyone a positive and non-passive new year.
    And that we finally learn to trust God and unite in goodness.

  5. Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold… it is easy to get angry because things are bleak and frustrating. My new year’s resolution is to get more serious about Bible study and closer to God.

  6. “get ready for the parade…” Unlike other parades, I’m not sure I will be allowed to sit this one out. But the warning or the encouragement to “get ready” is one to take to heart. Get ready as in – don’t get caught in the parade of anger, fear, and stupidity. For this I need grace. For this I need to be more merciful. For this, I need others to “hold me back” from being sucked into the vortex. Thanks for your post.

  7. Are you entering my mind on the sneak? Of course, I agree with all you say and I’ve been saying the same things myself. I keep thinking of a CSNY song… “Must be because I had the flu’ for Christmas and I’m not feeling up to par. It increases my paranoia, like looking at my mirror and seeing a police car. But I’m not giving in an inch to fear cause I missed myself this year. I feel like I owe it to someone.” We owe it to ourselves!

  8. I believe that Trump’s appeal is not based primarily on an appeal to fear. I don’t think Americans are really that scared.
    I believe that his appeal is based on people becoming repulsed by wave after wave of political correctness.
    I think the vast majority of Americans would agree with, “Oh ya. Trump’s a huge tool, but you gotta respect someone that means what he says, and will probably do what he says.”
    There is a huge fear in America about freedom of speech in America.
    “Freedom of speech but watch what you say!’
    People see Trump spouting off and they agree with that openly evidenced right to say ‘what’s on your mind’.
    I don’t think they really support the buffoonery of it all though.
    That being said, as a Canadian I’d advise paying some heed to Paul, or Christie or Rubio….
    Otherwise, you may end up with a “I’ll hedge my bets and worst case scenario end up being the world’s largest Data broker’ Clinton, or end up with a child-king like we have here in Canada -where apparently ‘cool’ rules if but crowned with a remarkable head of hair.

  9. Yes…a pattern that history makes clear over and over and over. Thanks for sharing and for coming to my website, too. I look forward to reading more of what God compels you to say!

  10. What refreshment there is — in reading a non-anxious truth-teller! Thank you for following my little, tiny blog. Because now I can listen to your gracious voice.

  11. I just read your last 6 or 7 posts. I really like the way you speak your mind. It takes a lot of courage to accept pain as well as many other tough situations you have been through. I am a naturalized US Citizen and never been really involved in politics…but this time I find it is necessary to get involved, to read more, to take part in what goes on this year. Your posts encourage me to write more often on my blog 🙂
    Happy New Year !

  12. I am STILL trying to wrap my head around what happened in WWII. Have read so much about before, during, and after. Been to the Holocaust Museum in DC several times and am overwhelmed every time we go. Especially by a display of children’s shoes. I’d say you pretty well hit the nail on the head with the similarities of today. It’s a scary time in this country. Terrific post.

  13. Very good post, and I agree. From a European perspective, Trump comes across as a total buffoon but past experiences have shown that such individuals and behaviour are not to be ignored. He has sufficient funds to continue to chip away at the very democracy and fundamental rights that America was built on. Please don’t let him. These are difficult times but leadership should never be fuelled by rage, greed or fear. We need to learn from past mistakes and never, but never, allow a Hitlerite figure to gain power again.

    1. Absolutely. He scares the tar out of me.. Just waiting for him to suggest people go around busting the windows of Muslim homes and start putting up barbed wire for detainment camps.

  14. We clearly have many of the same concerns. I also, love to watch shows about WWII. Politics have always been as they are now, it is just becoming more about gaining control over our world, than protecting it.
    Everyone has something they want to control, and they are using the false pretense of protection, to instill the power they hunger.
    I am not sure any of them will be viable candidates in my mind -but one of them will be president. Thanks for sharing these words -I hope they have an impact.

    I don’t know they’re are any Christians that believe the Bible teaches us to fight. If someone is saying that, they have not read the words of Christ. However, I do understand that some Christians, who believe we should follow the old testament believe that God wants us to fight. These people are a new religion, not true Christians. Jesus only taught, love, forgiveness, and turning the other cheek. many people like to twist words into something new. I get that, I’m a writer. I want to write about what I think. However, it is changing the face of Christianity. Others, they want to judge, and hate those that don’t conform to their beliefs. Still not Christianity. Sadly, they are just people who think they must have control and the right to condemn -and they believe they are entitled. No matter what religion or non-religion you follow -well, there will be a few that are wrong. Please don’t judge us all by their behavior..

  15. The Bible did not tell us that things will improve; the Word of God warns of perilous times. Nevertheless, we have a High Priest, the Mediator, seated in the heavenly assizes on our behalf; and this is our consolation. The faith in me looks at 2016 and what my eyes of faith sees is 16 divided by 2 = 8. Eight is the scriptural number of ‘a new beginning’: of goodness. mercy, promotion and astounding breakthroughs even in the face of Lucifer’s antagonism. Amen. Thanks REALMARKLANDRY for following me and please keep the flag flying higher.

  16. I think most “thinking” people have realized this about Trump. What surprises me is the number of my friends, Christian conservatives that I really like, who don’t see the pandering to our anger that so many of these politicians on both sides spout. It’s sad. This might be the first presidential election I don’t vote in.

  17. I’m a Trump supporter, as you know from following my blog. I’ve heard his ideas expressed on talk shows for years. I even chose him back in 2012 to be in my Presidential Cabinet (like a fantasy football pick). It’s about time we had a take-charge person to stand up for some values; look where all the years of mamby-pambiness has gotten us in the Democrat years.

    1. Avoiding the worst financial crisis since the great depression. Health care that poorer people can finally afford. Hardly namby-pamby. True, there are problems with the health care system, but it’s the rich who are complaining. My wife works in healthcare and is so thankful that people can be taken care of as their supposed to. It think it took huge balls to navigate our country through both transitions. But ultimately, if you can’t say something akin to “Ok, I hate the current administration, but at least they got those two things right,” you’ve got your eyes closed.

      Problem with Trump is that he’s not running for king of America. Most of what he’s proposing, right or wrong, won’t make it past Senate or House. He’ll then do what we’ve seen him do time and again – get his feelings hurt, play the victim, and disengage. Won’t be pretty, or effective.

      1. Companies hemorrhaging jobs left and right. Worst economy since the Great Depression! I haven’t been able to find a decent job since I had to leave mine in 2009. My brother, developmentally delayed through much of life, contracted cancer. He died in 2009: Massachusetts… Romneycare! Flash-forward to Obamacare. Listen carefully… He always says (insert topic of discussion) is to help the middle class. It is never about the poor. The rich can help themselves, but they also help others, whether through job creation or through charity (using money they’ve earned from others, but so many are generous and give so much). Money isn’t evil, but the sentiments it can create can be. The commandment not to covet thy neighbors’ property, etc. and the Christian sentiment that greed and avarice are sins are both sound teachings. Here is the eye-opener. I feel qualified to say so because I’m relating my own circumstances. One — I am very poor. The collective wealth hasn’t trickled down or been redistributed in my direction, although of late, due to a poor economy, I have had to avail myself of social benefits (available through both “R” and “D” administrations). I would be better served to have a job to care for myself! Government is paid for by everyone through deductions taken from paychecks and via property and other taxes. Government didn’t earn the money they’re giving — the people paid into the system for the collective benefit of all. Anyways, when I left to go to my brother, my Mom called me with the news that she had breast cancer. Her plane was late and my brother passed away before she could make it out. I came back and worked part-time at my job, which I let my former best friend fill in my absence while she looked for new work as a recently let-go employee herself, and while I attended my mother’s doctor appointments and needs. I lost my former room rental at my old boyfriend’s place, and, since I couldn’t stay at my Mother and significant others’ home, became homeless. My “friend” said, after helping her out in her own predicament, that SHE would let ME work at my job if I would live with her and give her what I could (basically, she was now gonna squeeze the money from this turnip, and put me to work so SHE wouldn’t have to). That was the last straw, among other things, which ended my friendship to her. I went to a state-funded homeless shelter. I left after being “Jesus-ed” twice, which is not supposed to happen. Medicaid, often touted as the be-all, end-all for the poor only covers FAMILIES who are poor. People need to listen more carefully and not assume things which aren’t true. Single people of my age are not eligible, no matter how poor we are, if we don’t have children. Being as how I didn’t irresponsibly bring children into this world I couldn’t afford, and seeing as how I remained childless, and am sad enough about that, makes me realize that the system, as it stands, also “breeds” irresponsibility. No, I don’t think you should be required to work to get food stamps — that is one of the reasons for being in food stamps, in the first place.I didn’t need them when I had a decent eenough job. Then, there are all these low-wage, part-time jobs. Companies don’t have to cover individuals who work less hours, so that is why it’s hard to find full-time work these days! The low wages hardly cover rent and food. People certainly can’t pay three-hundred extra dollars a month for insurance, when they can hardly afford to eat! I can’t even afford a car — I used to ride a bike to work, to save having to pay bus fare! The only job I could find was day labor, and I’d sit all day long waiting for nothing, because I’m a woman, or whatever. I wound up hurting myself at one of their jobs. Crabs in icewater, nothing to even cover my expenses ridingbbuses and a bum knee now. Think I’ll find a job so easy as an older woman in her 50’s with a bum knee and no resources? Heck, I need to go find a free clinic to remove what I think is now basal carcinoma sprouting from my head. The government does not subsidize Obamacare if you do not pay enough in taxes to earn that subsidy! I’ve been through it. My poor Mother JUST quit her job at 83 years old. From whence cometh my help? I get NO insurance. Only if you go like an illegal and crash the emergency-room can you get help. That is what broke the system — all the unpaid bills, and the ridiculously exorbitant school loans, rent, etc we cover in doctor’s fees (plus maybe some greed). Have the minions of your flock never regaled such stories as these? I have very little money left. Not enough for rent in March. I don’t know if my Mother, who has been helping me, can continue. Mostly she says she can’t. Will I be raped and beaten to death in the streets, as the heartless like to do to others? Oh, yeah…my father…he died of cancer when I was twenty-six. Perhaps I’ll relay my two horrific marriages (one to an “existentialist” Christian, and the other to a “Palestinian”, both of whom I had to run away from), but not now. States haven’t “expanded” Medicaid to cover child-free poor people. You probably glossed over that bit of info, never realizing what that means. Now you do. Now you know why I want a take-charge person who will set things right and get things done. Trump is my only choice. Has been before he even ran! Socialism works initially in small countries, but not for the long-term. The top earners cannot, just by their own taxes, support the 90% or so if the rest of society. There need to be safety nets, of course, but within an operable system. Communism hasn’t worked, and Socialism barely. Israel started off collectively (in modern times) with Socialism to grow their industry and capability. Though I fear for Israel’s safety by allowing more privatization of Israel’s former state-funded operations, Netanyahu has been weaning Israel towards capitalism. It’s been the right thing, because the Arabs mostly refuse to pay tax and benefit through socialized medicine, education and what-not. He wisely sees Israel being dragged under its own system and the need to create other avenues for growth. Thank goodness I’m not the leader, as I’d probably do Obama-like things, and it would wind up very bad for all. Besides the highest percentage of GDP per capita needed for one of the teeniest nations in the world, Israel’s taxes on its citizens, for these Socialistic and security-based reasons, are among the highest. It can’t be sustained in a small country. A large one, such as the U.S., would fare even worse, not better. The Ponzi scheme, or MLM, or whatever it is akin to, has to collapse at some point. There. I hope I’ve covered what I’ve meant to say.

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