4 Things about Self Respect Nobody’s Talking About


I just got an article published at Lifehack, an online journal that’s focused on, well, hacking your life so it works better.

The article covers 4 facts about self respect that typically won’t get much air time, but 4 things you’ll have to understand if you want to live with any measure of it.

I’d love it if you’d check it out here > http://www.lifehack.org/481683/4-self-respect-basics-that-nobodys-talking-about and let me know what you think.

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17 thoughts on “4 Things about Self Respect Nobody’s Talking About”

  1. I ‘d add that maintaining the positive relationship with self takes constant work and as much attention as any close relationship.

    Great insights!

  2. Respect and kindness are my two favourite concepts and actions. They are easy to understand, to put into action, and more acceptable than the absract ‘Love one another as oneself. Your article is very good, and I may use it to help someone close to me. Thankyou.

  3. Most of us need a boost in our belief in the value of humans. If you don’t see value in someone, it is very hard to respect them. If they are just a fellow animal, the result of random chance, then it makes sense to push them down in order to raise yourself up. If they are created by and loved by God, then they have intrinsic value and are far easier to respect.

  4. Self-respect is hard work. It’s the narrow road, one that forces us to plow along without the easy propulsion of popularity or success. But it forges character. It makes us better people down the road. I’ll always trust my heart to people who have walked down that road versus people who have had everything handed to them.

    Great piece.

  5. That’s a great article, Mark. A fresh and different perspective on something that is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain. Your point number 2 hit me in that, with this “information age” and its Social Media tools, everybody sees and hears everything and everybody has a voice. It is indeed easy to get swept up in negative public sentiment. What I take away from your point is that not only should we filter what we say to others and think about how it will affect them, we should also filter what we take in from all the garbage and nonsense.

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