5 Ways American Culture Mimics the Mind of a Bad Teenager

We’ve grown up.

We no longer answer to grandma’s prudish sensibilities.  We have more money, a better grasp of our physical universe, and much, much more freedom than any generation before us.

We’re more mature than we used to be, like the way a teenager is more mature than a six year old.

That’s a good thing.  If we can grow out of it.

In the meantime, here’s a short list of big things that betray our country’s teenage tendencies.

Smarter Than We’ve Ever Been, and More Arrogant

Our knowledge of the universe stretches far beyond our ancestors’ – and is growing at breakneck speed.

But every time we make a huge discovery, we simultaneously uncover ten times as many unknowns, stacked upon the vast universe of unknowns that already exist.  We should be humbled by this, but we’re not.  And the stuff we don’t know?  Psssht.  We’ll soon figure it all out. Read more