I’m Not Out of Control, I Just Have Delayed Gratification Issues.  

I went “stay at home dad” a few years ago, and unwittingly entered into the world of too much food, too much coffee, too much booze, and too much TV.

If you’re considering the world of at-home parenting, hide the chips man, it’s super hard.

Toughest thing for me is the lack of “wins.”  I used to run my own business.  I could regularly measure my successes.  At the end of most weeks, I could sit back and say, “well done.”

This?  I’m just happy that I’m not incarcerated at the end of the day.  

I constantly break up fights, repeat myself over and over again, get critiqued daily for my poor choice of menu options, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah.  There are few wins here, so when I get some down time I want to escape, fast.  

Enter food, coffee, booze, TV, and a whole new level of angry-chubby.

I’ve always been delayed gratification (DG) challenged, but it’s off the hook in this, the darkest hour of my life.  The idea that I need to feel some discomfort now, so that I can feel good later, doesn’t make as much sense as feeling good now…

…which leads to more discomfort later, which leads to another big boy pour – wash, rinse, repeat. Read more