I Was an Idiot with My Money, Then Married Someone Who Isn’t. Here’s What Happened

We got in a huge fight about 2 months into our dating relationship.

She said something akin to “debt is wrong.”

I, having a relationship with debt that closely resembled my relationship with oxygen, got offended by this. Most of my friends had insane credit card balances too.

I seriously reconsidered breaking things off – having such a fundamental difference of perspective might get toxic. So I went to my pastor to discuss…

…and vent.

He did a really good job of listening to my side of things, which led me to believe that I was in the right, and should consider a different direction with this relationship.

Then he turned a complete 180, called me a freakin’ idiot for entertaining the idea of me, breaking things off with a smart, beautiful woman who happens to have a super healthy view of money. Strongly implied in this dressing-down was the idea that someone like me was super lucky to find someone like her. Read more