What the #MeToo Movement Implies About Men in America

The biggest complaint I hear about the #metoo movement is that women shouldn’t have this kind of power.

Nobody should have the ability to simply utter something that could ruin a person’s career. But that’s what’s happening. Judge Kavanaugh’s name has been dragged through the mud, so has Donald Trump’s, and a host of other powerful/famous people.

Many claim that these women are merely seeking fame, or hate their victims, or both.

For me, there are two things about the #metoo movement that I never hear, two things that, in my opinion, stink to high heaven.

First, where are the lawsuits?

Crying “sexual harassment,” especially if it never happened, is something that can get you in a ton of trouble. Donald Trump could easily turn around and ruin you financially if he wanted to. Brett Kavanaugh could do the same.

Why don’t they?

If I had a career that could be ruined by an accusation like this, I’d seek legal action. I’d do everything in my power to clear my name, prove my innocence, and hold onto my career – unless I was guilty, then I’d do everything in my power to steer clear of these people, lie to my fans, and try to move forward.

In this #metoo movement, to my knowledge, there have been 0 lawsuits.

The second thing that stinks is the very popular declaration that these women have no evidence and therefore shouldn’t have a voice, or the power that comes with it.

And this is where things get downright silly to me. I hear, over and over again, because of the lack of evidence: “These women are lying,” and, “All they want is fame/power/revenge, etc.”

True enough that there’s a dirth of evidence in all of this – you can’t convict Judge Kavanaugh on someone’s word, even if there are three someones. But, apparently, you can convict these women of lying based on the same lack of evidence.

I’m begging – If we can’t convict someone like Brett Kavanaugh because there’s not enough evidence, can we please stop calling these women liars – there’s no evidence there either. We should be consistent, especially if being inconsistent means stripping a woman of her voice.

This whole thing smells of something very old.

Ours country has never been fair to women. Despite our attempts at equality, women are still paid less, and still occupy “lower” positions in the working world than men. Dudes, don’t get angry that I said this – there’s a mountain of proof at our fingertips to back me up.

Now, with the #metoo movement, men especially talk about a woman’s voice in this arena, and how the power that comes with it “bothers” them.

The men who ridicule the #metoo voices, or in some way marginalize them, seem to never talk about how risky it is for these women to come forward, or the myriad emotional barriers involved in exercising their voice.

It seems that there are many in our country who just want these women to shut up.

When I do the math, i.e., women aren’t treated fairly + so many want them shushed, I smell the discrimination that’s always bedeviled us. When I hear the opposition talk one-sided about this issue, and their angry/scared voices, I see symptoms of a very old problem.

Men in our country have always had more power than women. With #metoo, a woman’s voice has more power than it’s ever had. And that’s making us nervous. We should be awed by such a powerful shift in culture and equality.

But nobody in power ever appreciates a power shift.

In any culture, when humans in a position of power are threatened by the humans below them, the humans in power get nervous, angry. Is that what’s happening here?

Someone recently suggested that my perspective/opinion/feelings about the #metoo movement are political. They’re not. Us men want you women to keep your mouths shut and know your place. That’s what we’ve always wanted. This isn’t a political issue, it’s an issue of justice, and I’m a Christian man who believes that the Bible is the word of God, speaks ad-nauseum about injustice, and commands me to respond when I see it.

I’m also a white male. It’s easier for me to get ahead in our world than non-white non-males. And when I see white males telling non-white non-males to shush, I feel the need to speak, and do some shushing of my own.

Guys, dudes, fellow men, there’s no way to let women have more power without giving up some of our own. And in giving up our power, or having it threatened, we’re going to get scared and angry. But we don’t have to.

These women are risking a ton to speak, and climbing a mountain of emotional pain to bring their grievances to bear. They’re also teaching us that sexual assault/harassment/brokenness is a huge problem.

They need to speak, and we need to listen, honor who they are, mourn what they’ve been through, strongly consider that God Himself might be the one driving all of this, and consider what other ways we might use our power to bring liberty and justice to people who have less of it than we do.