I Lost 30 Pounds by Doing Three Things I Never Tried Before

Weight Loss


Last year, walking on the beach in Costa Rica, I had an epiphany.  Maybe the reason I was feeling so bad was because I was 40 pounds overweight.  I made (another) commitment to drop the pounds, got on the plane, and got to work.

But this time I did it differently


The Problem with Quick Weight Loss Plans

The first thing I decided to change was my level of commitment.  A quick weight loss goal requires no long term commitment to losing weight.  Even if you manage to lose weight, it’ll come back because there’s been no real change in attitude.

I highly, HIGHLY recommend that, instead of committing to lose 10 pounds in a month, commit to losing 1 pound a week for 10 weeks.  That will require something a quick weight loss plan doesn’t require.

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